The Moreton Bay Turtle Living Care (TLC) Community


Almost 50% of all recorded Turtle & Dugong boat strikes in Queensland happen in Moreton Bay! (QP&WS)

On average, 200 turtles are reported dead, injured or sick in Moreton Bay every year; at least 50 deaths are directly caused by boat strike. Apart from motor boat strikes, they drown in crab pots, fishing nets, and suffer from pollution especially by ingesting rubbish which leads to a very slow and painful death.
The nearest experienced sick and injured turtle facility is at Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island.


To establish a ‘local community based’ injured turtle treatment facility located on or near the Redcliffe Peninsula.
It is envisaged that this facility will encourage and include the support and participation of expert wildlife veterinarians, biologists, University researchers, and other Moreton Bay stakeholders such as the QP&WS, Queensland Tourism, Surf Life Saving, Volunteer Coast Guard, Water Police, Marine Pilots, and Maritime Safety Queensland. And perhaps most important of all, the local Moreton Bay ‘water (and beach) communities’, with especial reference to commercial and recreational boat users.