Redcliffe Dugong Project

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The Dugong Collective’s latest initiative is the ‘Redcliffe Dugong Project’; the creation of a bronze Dugong Mother and Calf statue; a permanent reminder of Redcliffe’s Heritage and History as Queensland’s First Settlement City.

The statue is intended to pay homage to Moreton Bay’s indigenous creatures and as a focal point beginning for its sustainable growth and future.

We hope it is the first in a series depicting all Moreton Bay creatures living above, below and on the water. A turtle, dolphin, shark and pelican are proposed subjects; along with characters who have helped make Redcliffe and the Bay what it is today.


The Redcliffe Dugong Project is not just about a bronze statue; it’s about what was, what is, and what can be.

The Mother and Calf Dugong symbolise renewal, the birth of a better understanding and hope for a sustainable future in Moreton Bay; the statue is just the beginning.