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Used Plastic Bag Art Competition

A project for all Peninsula primary school students to create a sculpture from used poly bags, portraying a sea creature of their choice. Octopus, shark, jellyfish, dolphin, sea cucumber, turtle, dugong, sea horse; if it swims in Moreton Bay… it’s in. Time table:- May: Individual student marine creature drawing preparation… best drawing will be the […]

Wildlife Memorial Day – Saturday 13th of December 2014

  This event goes beyond individuals, groups, creeds, politics and ideologies… it is pure awareness and respect. There are no detailed plans… it is just a ‘gathering of respect’ with everybody bringing a lantern or torch to the Jetty… there will be a one minute silence at 7pm WMD is the beginning of something that […]

Dugong News Update

News update: A sad day for the world’s Northernmost Dugong! The Japanese Dugong has long been revered by native Okinawans as a significant part of their culture and history; in 1955 the Japanese government listed the Okinawa Dugong as a “Natural Monument” under Japan’s “Cultural Properties Protection Law.” Sadly however, on August 6th, 2007, the […]

Special Guests Dropped By The Stall

Our stall had some special visitors today!! Dug the Dugong and the one and only William McInnes. Don’t forget to head down to the stall outside Crazy Clarks on Redcliffe Parade and show your support, we are there from 8.30am – 1pm Thursdays and Fridays.